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Lester Insure One Blog: auto insurance

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If you own a business, you deserve full protection. Running a company takes dedication. If you’re investing your time, money and passion, you should make sure you have financial coverage. Like most businesses, you’ll probably use cars, trucks or vans for day-to-day activities. READ MORE >>

Have you heard you need to have full auto insurance? The term full coverage does not relate to a specific type of policy. Rather, it applies to the type of perils for which your policy provides protection. Why is this important? Most car owners should consider the value of full car insurance. READ MORE >>

Tire failure is a key cause of accidents and ensuing insurance claims. Tires generally receive more wear and tear than other areas of a vehicle. They must endure incredible force. And, they must remain in excellent working condition to keep the vehicle moving. It’s important to check your tires to keep your family safe. READ MORE >>

You parked in the wrong location. You have a ticket to show for it. Will this raise your auto insurance costs? In most cases, tickets like this do not put your license at risk. They often do not impact your auto insurance rates either. There are a few things to keep in mind, though. READ MORE >>

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